“Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can .”

(Poul Tournier)

Highlighted Projects

PID Tuning Software

For user defined transfer function, following software w predicted Kp, Ki, Kd that satisfied the overshoot, setling time and error requirements of the user.

Background Noise Reduction from a
Audio Clip

Analyzing background noise pattern, four noise reduction approach had been adopted. Subtraction of noise using moving average outperformed others in terms of accuracy.

Characteristic Analysis of Patch

Exploiting different features of the CST Microwave Studio a patch antenna was designed and it's performance metrics were analyzed.

Microcontroller Based System Design

Assembling 8051 trainer module several projects including user name and password based access control, calculator, motor speed and direction control, real time clock using I2C protocol were performed.

3 Stage Dc to Ac Inverter with Variable Frequency Driver

Controlling switching of BJT/MOSFET by microcontroller a 3 stage Dc to Ac inverter along with variable frequency driving capability was simulated in Proteus. The prototype was then physically implemented.

Conveyor Control in PLC

Utilization of PLC (Mitsubishi) and HMI, and sensors for the controlling of conveyor carrying industrial goods.

Star-Delta Starter for Induction Motor

To control the starting current of an induction motor Star-Delta starter circuit board was constructed employing VFD, magnetizing coil, circuit breaker, relay timer, switches and an induction motor.

UMTS Radio Network Planning

Employing different features of Atoll-a commercial simulation software- for a certain number of transmitter and cells, coverage and capacity of the radio network resources of Dhaka was simulated.

Implementation of Calculator using Universal Logic Gates.

Calculator using combinational circuit with the capability of carrying out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations was simulated and implemented in the printed circuit board.

12 V AC to DC Converter

A prototype of the converter was first simulated in the Proteus software. Replicating the circuit in the printed circuit board, hardware implementation was then performed.

High-School Projects

Shuttlecock for Night-Badminton.

To allow night badminton, a shuttlecock with LED light was made.

3D Hologram with smartphone

Taking the idea from Youtube videos, a 3D holographic projector was made.

Simple Periscope.

Placing the plan mirrors at 45 degree angle, a simple periscope was made.

Meter Bridge

To measure the resistance, a meter bridge was made following the wheatstone bridge formula.