Mr. Md. Farhad Hassan

Gruaduate Research Assistant                                                                                           

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Southern California, Los Angeles-90089, CA, USA.

As a graduate research assistant at Khan Lab@USC, Farhad leads several projects: the development of a skin color-sensitive pulse oximeter, the optical detection of stress through electrodermal activity, aptamer based cortisol detection utlizing extended gate transistor, etc. His role encompasses the entire project lifecycle, from sensor design and fabrication to hardware-app development and data processing. In sensor design phase, he honed the skills in printing μm-scale electronic circuits and designing 4-layer flexible PCBs. Utilizing Forms Lab SLA 3D printing, he crafted intricate 3D structures for fast prototyping. Steering the optical analog front end with an nrf52832 bluetooth low energy (BLE)-based SoC, he ensured seamless wireless data transmission to the mobile app. Additionally, he bring hands-on experience in mobile app design using the CORDOVA platform. In addition to his research contributions, Farhad expanded skills in ASIC design through coursework. He implemented this expertise by designing schematic of a high-performance operational transistor amplifier using 180 nm CMOS technology in Cadence software. Beyond technical accomplishments, Farhad actively mentor undergraduates through the CURVE program, demonstrating his dedication to collaborative learning.

Assistant Professor  (On leave)                                                                                                 

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering                                                                             

Islamic University of Technology, Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh.

Md. Farhad Hassan is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Gazipur, a subsidiary organ of OIC in Bangladesh. He has completed his M.Sc. and B.Sc. degree in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of IUT, in 2021 and 2018, respectively. Two of his research works have won the best student paper award in ISITIA 2020, IEEE conference, Surabaya, Indonesia and TENCON2020,  IEEE conference, Osaka, Japan. He has published several research articles in IEEE Sensor Journal, Results in Physics, Applied Nanoscience, Sensing and Bio-sensing Research, and IEEE Conferences. His research interest lies in the field of bio-sensing, plasmonic biosensor, plasmonic couplers, and public health care.


Assistant Professor- June, 2021 to present

Lecturer-January, 2019 to June 2021

Courses Instructed:

I have been offering following courses to different the undergrad students of IUT since 2019.  

  • Electronics-II Lab.
  • Electrical and Electronic Workshop.
  • Communication Engineering I Lab.
  • Optical Communication Lab.
  • Embedded System Design Lab.
  • Numerical Methods Lab.
  • Microcontroller Based System Design Lab
  • Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming Lab.

Departmental Committees:

To ensure the smooth conduction of departmental activities, I have been assigned to different departmental committee. 

  • Routine Committee.
  • Scrutiny Committee.
  • Tabulation Committee.
  • Budget Planning Committee.
  • Course Registration Committee.
  • Meeting Arrangement Committee.
  • Online Exam Coordinating Committee.
  • 50 Years Plan of IUT-Departmental Committee.

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