"We Are, What We Repeatedly Do."


     Hello, I am Md. Farhad Hassan, an Electrical and Electronic Engineering postgraduate from Bangladesh. In 2021, I have completed my M.Sc. degree with first class honors securing a CGPA of 3.88/4.00 from Islamic University of Technology (IUT), a top-notch and one among only the three international universities in Bangladesh. Back in 2018, I have pursued my B.Sc. degree as first generation graduate from the same institution and secured 3rd position out of 77 students in my department with a distinguished CGPA of 3.98/4.0.

     In 2019, I have been offered the position of lecturer in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of IUT. Since then, I have been engaged in teaching and different departmental and non-departmental activities of IUT. In addition to my meritorious signature in academic qualifications, I have been actively involved in different co-curricular activities and received awards from national and international levels.

     My research interest lies in the field of bio-sensing, plasmonic bio-sensor, plasmonic coupler, and public health care. To date, I have published 10 research articles in different SCI and Scopus Index journals and conferences and received Best Paper Awards from two international conferences held in Japan and Thailand.

     In June 2021, I have been promoted to Assistant Professor, recognition to my strong commitment to teaching, research, and different departmental activities. Currently, I am looking for a  PhD supervisor in my research  fields.

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